Saturday, June 4, 2016

Gravity Soul & Bryce Bike Park team up for a full weekend of Fun, Riding, & Racing! (June 18&19)

Sunday Racing will consist of Three (Yes 3!)  timed gravity racing events on three different tracks for a best 2of3 challenge.  [Drop your worst finish.  However, it can be used as a class or overall tie breaker].  This is NOT a USAC sanctioned event and does not require an annual or one-day license.

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Music, photos, announcing,  & promotional giveaways all weekend!

Two-day entry (includes race entry and lift tickets for the weekend) - $70
One-day entry (includes race entry and lift ticket for race day only) - $50
Entry for Bryce Bike Park season pass holders - $25

Bike Park hours for the weekend:
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. for general public and racers
Sunday: Bike Park will only be open to racers
  Practice 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

  Race runs immediately following practice. 

Prizes Overall  Men:
1st $100 gift card, medal, and bike park sicker
2nd $50 gift card, medal, and bike park sicker
3rd $25 gift card, medal, and bike park sticker
Prizes Overall  Women:
1st $100 gift card, medal, and bike park sicker
2nd $50 gift card, medal, and bike park sicker
3rd $25 gift card, medal, and bike park sticker

All Categories listed below will compete for medals corresponding with their place

* Cat 1 Men 15-18
* Cat 1 Men 19-29
* Cat 1 Men 30-39
* Cat 1 Men 40 +
* Cat 1 Women 0-99

* Cat 2 Men 15-18
* Cat 2 Men 19-29
* Cat 2 Men 30-39

* Cat2/3 Men 40+
*Cat 2/3 Women 0-99

* Cat 3 Men 0-18
* Cat 3 Men 19-29
* Cat 3 Men 30-39
*Cat 1/2/3 Men 50+
*Open 9-14

 onsite registration until 3 p.m. Saturday 

Racers looking to set up a pit can set up pits in our skills park area which is located on the slope side of our rental shop. There is limited space so they can set up/drop off their pits there but they cannot park vehicles there.

Food and Beverage:
The Copper Kettle and Express Grill will be open both days for racers looking to eat on site.
We will have Woodstock Brewhouse onsite on Sunday selling various types of beers and merchandise.

Contact Information:
Derek Clifton
540-856-2121 Ext. 228

On Site Rentals:


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