Monday, October 12, 2015

Looking forward & looking back...   
Online registration Open until 10pm  Friday 10/16.

Fri.  Oct. 16th  Track prep, pre- event practice                                                               (conditions permitting 3pm til dusk)
Sat.  Oct. 17th  
          8am  -  Onsite registration & plate # pickup
                      - Coffee & goods available from Gravel &Grind
                      - Practice open
    10:15am  -  Registration scheduled to Close
     11:00am -  BrickNFire & Cooling rack  vendors open up
                         - Practice Closed
                         -  Timed Seeding Runs begin
     12:30am - Seeding results posted & brackets created
                         - Red Bull Wings team with free samples
      1/1:15pm- Head to Head Racing Begins
       5:30pm  - Awards Ceremonies, giveaways & after party

                                                                2015 Track Preview

                                                                  2012 1st Annual

                                                                  2013 2nd Annual


                                                                 More 2014 from above

Friday, October 9, 2015

One week to GO Time! Please visit & thank all of these fine sponsors who make this years event possible!

2015 PRIZES, Giveaways, & Much Needed Support from these fine organizations & products...
[Links posted on the right side of this page]

We'd also like to Thank  Elevated Trail Design  (Andrew Mueller) and many other individuals for there support & tireless efforts:

Zachary Bidle - Property mgr, hop visionary
Jason Dean - Bobcat Operator, Starter, USAC Official, rider & beer snob
Joe Burkell - Industry liaison,  track & property maintenance, visionary, rider & grill operator
RJ Stone -  Track maintenance, rider, Jax wrangler, & grill operator
Daniel Purcell - Track maintenance, rider, dirt sampler
Danny Miles - Track maintenance, rider, bassist, & recent crash test dummy
Chris Stone - Video & Drone engineer, rider
Mike Hartlove - MC with the most, eternal optimist, & partner in crime
Natalie Dean - Keyboarding, spreedsheets & assistance
Andy Riffle - Hop puller/plucker
Dave Kalt & Todd Bauer - Diggers, Doers & MORE liaisons
Hilary Elgert - Educating riders & supporting friends

The Riders & everyone else that's picked up a shovel -  Because you know what's up

The Coleman family - More than you know & remember what does not kill you makes you stronger :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Announcing Our New Lodging Partner (Best Western of Frederick) with a $79 rate for racers & guests

Join us in welcoming them as a new event sponsor  &  Just click on this link (Best Western of Frederick)  or the Best Western logo on the right side of this page and it will take you directly to the event group discount booking page!  Or you can call them at  Phone: 301/695-6200 .   [Doing their best to support the riders & will have a hose available for cleaning bikes and a place to store them overnight if need be. ]