Wednesday, July 12, 2017


ROUND #1 of the Mid-Atlantic CUP Dual Series this weekend!   (Saturday)

You can Register ONLINE & SAVE Here!

Fri & Early Sat. Registration / Pickup will be at the Main Lodge (Glass office/Fishbowl)

ROUND #4 of The Maxxis Gravity Series Downhill  SUNDAY!

Maxxis Gravity Series Downhill > You can Register ONLINE & SAVE Here!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Working on the full 2017 Gravity Soul Calendar...

For Now.. Checkout the Full Maxxis Gravity Series Downhill schedule 
&         Mid-Atlantic Cup Dual Slalom Series and stay tuned for the latest...
We expect to be involved in some grass roots events in the Mid-Atlantic area this spring and summer also.


Monday, October 17, 2016

The 5th Annual Fall Festival & DS Championship is in the books for 2016. Congratulations Pro Champions Max Hoffman & Caroline Washam! & Thank You to everyone that makes it happen!

What an amazing event & spectacular weekend with a huge extended family of great people, super athletes, and gracious & supportive friends and sponsors!  Once again the Mid- Atlantic Dual Slalom Championships and Gravity Soul Fall Festival was a huge success and is still growing! Thanks to everyone who contributed and everyone who showed up from as far north as Rochester, New York.  As far south as Florida, and as far west as Oakland, California.  It’s been five years in the making…  This 2016 fifth annual Fall Festival & DS Championships.  Congratulations to our 2016 champions:   Men’s Pro Champion Max Hoffman & Women’s Pro Champion Caroline Washam
I can’t say enough good things about everyone who comes together to make this event special every year!  It is truly an emotional and uplifting experience.  However inadequate my thanks, let me attempt to recognize the individuals and organizations that contributed to this vision and this pinnacle event.   So here goes in no specific order:
MORE – The Mid-Atlantic Off Road Enthusiasts/ IMBA  & Todd Bauer + volunteers  
Fredericktown YAMAHA / Triumph and the Riley Family
Richard B. Rudy Inc. & Jason Rudy
Shockley Honda  (Marisa Shockley & Kara Shaffer)
Danielle Leonard – State Farm,  Frederick, Md.
The Bicycle Escape & the Rinker family
The Bike Doctor of Frederick/Frederick Velo & the Wisowaty family
The Gravity Soul crew of regulars/family: Joe Burkell - RJ Stone - Daniel Purcell- Jason Dean - Zach Bidle - Devin Manahan - Danny Miles - Bill Kemp – David Dulberger
The Racers Edge:  Mike Hartlove & the Hartlove family +  The Gravity East Series & MAXXIS Tires
ONYX Racing Products,  Steve Pringle & the Pringle family
CAMP 3, & the Hummel Family
TERRAPIN Brewing & Mike Alverez
ROASTHOUSE Pub & Chef Niko
RED BULL  – Katie Donohue & Craig Chester
FSA components,  Gravity Components
GAMUT USA components
TREK Bicycles & Adam Lewandowsky
Scurvy Dogs Racing
CaneCreek & Andrew Slowey
Wicked Wash & Wicked Wash Racing
The WHEEL MILL (Pittsburgh)
DJ Ramsey
The Dean family:  Larry Dean, Jason Dean, Natalie & Elizabeth
The Stone family (Mom’s cookies at awards were loved by all!)
The Coleman family
The Bell family (Ma Bell’s famous peperoni rolls & positivity for days)
Tom & Caroline Castle
The Ortero family + Mom Bidle & Dave
The Burkell family
The Wick family & Cline family
The Picinotti family
The Tribus family
The Liebig family
Gravel & Grind (James & Tracy & crew)
BricknFire Pizza
Phil Kendal Podium Pics

ALL of the unmentioned volunteers & ALL of the riders, racers & revelers who came out to make this one of the most uplifting experiences of the year!  I Can’t THANK YOU enough!
To quote Two Time World Masters Champion, Two time Red Bull Rampage competitor, father, & 2016 Gravity Soul Festival & Mid-Atlantic Championships 2nd place Pro competitor Lars Tribus…  “You guys are Sick!”    
& the love just continues to pour in from all points East to West… 
Thank you!

Monday, October 10, 2016


Fri.  Oct. 14th  Track prep, pre- event practice  
                                    (conditions permitting 10am  til 6pm)
                                  registration & plate pickup
                                Streaming RedBull Rampage Live 12:30-
Sat.  Oct. 15th  
    7:30am  -  Onsite registration & plate # pickup
                      - Coffee & goods available from Gravel &Grind
     8am       - Practice opens
    9:30am  -  Registration scheduled to close
     10:30am -  Practice scheduled to close
     11:00am -  Pizza Lama  &  vendors open 
                         -  Timed Seeding Runs begin
     12:30am - Strider races  
                         -  Seeding results posted & brackets created
                         - Red Bull Wings team with free samples
      1/1:15pm- Head to Head Racing Begins
       5:30pm  - Awards Ceremonies, giveaways & after party

The 5th Annual Gravity Soul Festival & Mid-Atlantic Dual Slalom Championships Oct. 15th.
For the schedule & more info see the Festival Tab.  Open to the public.. Coffee & Goods by Gravel &Grind!  Wood fired pizza by Pizza Llama! Bike demos, vendors, & more...

Racers REGISTER HERE & save Time & Money!